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I was waiting for Obama’s answer. As a lawyer with a lawyer, because we are both lawyers,” – said the Filipino leader. “I said it, but not in relation to Obama. (…) I’m not fighting with the United States,” – he stressed. The earlier statement of the controversial Philippine politics caused a diplomatic scandal. During a press conference at the recent summit of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) in an indiscriminate manner Duterte warned the US president that questioned his ways to fight drug cartels, and called it “sk … son.” In response, Obama canceled a scheduled meeting with Duterte and at that time he met with South Korean President Park Geun Hie. Finally, the informal meeting between the leaders of the Philippines and the United States occurred during the banquet. Politicians shook hands while waiting for the appointment of their seats at the table.

During a press conference at the ASEAN Summit Duterte also called a fool, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon. He said that by raising the head of the UN human rights issues in the Philippines is meaningless. Duterte announced Friday that it will not change its radical stance on the fight against drug traffickers. Known for his sharp tongue and unconventional solutions Duterte took office in June. At the same time launched fierce “fight against crime” aimed against drug cartels, among others, He allowed the police and security services on the death penalty without trial against drug traffickers.

Also announc […]